VITALITY: Vision Weekends 2015-2016

We are pumped about this upcoming ministry year, starting in October!

The first two weekends of October, we’ll be kicking-off the year with Vision Weekends!

We have lots of vision to unveil to you, lots of plans, lots of hopes, and lots of goals to accomplish! We are so excited to be revealing them to you, sharing with you where we have been as a church over the past year, and where we are heading in the year to come.

This year’s theme for our church is VITALITY, and it’s all about being healthy, holistically¬†in life. The theme will carry us throughout the year, and will be the focus of 4 Message series between now and Christmas.

Do not miss these crucial weekends for our church! If you’re a part of our church, these two weekends are the most important of the year. If you’re visiting, or still checking us out, there is no better time to do so.

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