Trojan Horses

There are many things in this world that seem very good, godly, “Christian” and spiritual, but that are, in fact, very dangerous, deceptive and deadly. These things sometimes come in nice packages, but like the Trojan Horse, harbor destruction. We as Christians need to be discerning to these things. We need to judge them by the Word of God, the conviction of the Holy Spirit and with the discernment of our Christian community and leaders.

As a church, we have witnessed many deceptions and cult-like groups that try to allure God’s people (and those He’s calling to faith) away from biblical truth – both with those in our church, in our community and beyond.

As we’ve concluded our parenting series, and are heading into our series on Galatians, our elders have felt led to pause and spend a few weeks teaching on things that can be used to get a Believer’s eyes off of Jesus, and what to do to combat those things.

Join us for this series, Trojan Horses the first two weekends of March 2017. We’ll be looking specifically at things surrounding spiritual warfare, demons, spirits and angels, spiritual gurus, the prosperity gospel, “christian” cults, and other deceptive things.

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