Oh No She Didn’t

People today would try to tell you that the Bible minimizes the role of women in society, or encourages the oppression of them- They must not be reading the same Bible! In fact, the Bible talks a lot about women, and women are some of the Bible’s biggest-strongest-bravest “heroes…” often stepping up with strength, power, and courage where men would not.

Without the Bible and Christianity, the role of women in the “Western world” still may look much more like the “Eastern world” filled with repression, face coverings, and little to no rights. It is because of our faith that women, in this nation at least, have many of the rights they “rightfully” have today.

As Bible-Believing Christians, we believe that women are equal in value and worth to men, and equally bare and complete the image of God within humanity, but that women have different God given roles than that of men within society and the Church.

During the last weekend in July, and the first two weekends of August, we explored the lives of some very interesting women in the Old Testament, and discovered what lessons of faith and boldness we (both men and women) can learn from their amazing stories.

Oh No She Didn't

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