Fire Starters

160 years ago men in big hats and cowboy boots would hop-off their horses, take a long walk down a dusty road flanked by saloons, wooden sidewalks, and onlookers, while whistle-infused music played and vultures cried. They’d tip their hats and glare at one another with 50 feet in between them, spit-out their cigarettes, and position their hands near their sides as tumbleweeds bounced carelessly in between them. Then… silence. A horse would whinny in the distance, and a rough man in a long duster, with an even longer beard, missing several teeth would yell; “DRAW!”

The two Gunslingers at the opposing sides of the street would then quickly reach for their pistols, pull back the hammers, and pull back on the trigger as fast as they could muster. The winner of this Fire Fight would be whoever could draw, pull back the hammer, and pull the trigger fast enough. The loser, would end-up lying dead on the street, and buried in a shallow, unmarked grave just outside of town.

Today, we may not so quickly Start Fires like this with guns as people did in times past. But make no mistake, we Start Fires nonetheless. Our world is filled with Fire Starters who play qucik-draw- not with pistols, but with their tongues. And let us tell you, sticks and stones (and bullets) can break your bones, but WORDS WILL HURT YOU (and can do even more damage).

Are you Starting Fires with your tongue? And if so, how can you control it…how can you put these Fires out?

There is truly life and death in the power of the tongue. And for a 3-week period in May (starting Mother’s Day weekend), we will be looking at what God’s Word has to say about Fire Starters and how we can use our tongues His way, instead of using them in Fire Fights.

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